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One of the biggest traps when explaining things is thinking that you are doing it effectively when you actually are not. Often the message that the other person receives is not the same as the message you intended to send. This video teaches the three steps necessary for conveying information clearly and avoiding misunderstandings, inefficiencies, errors and conflicts.
DVD style course with completion certificate only
The art of being able to influence people requires that you are able to identify, in any given situation, what particular types of power are at your disposal, and then use them in combination to achieve your goal This program introduces five influencing and persuading skills - position power, knowledge and experience, reward power, penalty power and inspiration power - and the different workplace... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
This video provides specific behavioral techniques for dealing with the four most common difficult situations encountered when giving feedback. Viewers will learn about two-way feedback, contracting, linking feedback to specific goals, the importance of acknowledging emotions and dealing with disagreements.
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Feedback is no longer just the role of the manager. Make feedback an accepted part of daily business by making it everyone's responsibility. Learn to structure feedback to ensure that it is specific, balanced and timely. Learn about internal and external factors that create barriers to providing people with constructive feedback.
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Teaches employees the five secrets for developing effective listening and understanding skills: show interest, focus on key issues, summarize and check for understanding, listen for common threads and explore and respond to feelings.
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Life is full of difficult situations, and very often these difficult situations involve dealing with the negative behavior of others in the workplace. This video teaches practical actions for dealing with resistance, complaints, disruptions, demands and aggression from individuals with whom you must get along in order to get things done.
DVD style course with completion certificate only
Not everyone is skilled at giving feedback. This places a greater responsibility on the "seeker" to handle the "giver" in a way that will give the "seeker" what he or she needs. In other words, people need to use techniques that will assist the "giver" of the feedback to do the job effectively. This video outlines a variety of skills and techniques viewers can use to deal with difficult situations... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
People are often embarrassed when receiving positive feedback. They can also be fearful and defensive when faced with negative feedback. This program will provide the viewers with the knowledge and skills they need to receive and act upon constructive feedback from other people about their job performance, behaviour, ideas and suggestions. In the end, the real purpose in seeking and receiving feed... read more
DVD style course with completion certificate only
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